Facilitation of Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEFs)

Concawe has volunteered as the SIEF Formation Facilitator for all petroleum substances that require registration and for Sulphur. This role has been recorded in the REACH-IT system of the ECHA. Concawe is therefore the only formal and official SIEF Formation Facilitator for petroleum substances and sulphur. Concawe intends to continue this role until the final registration deadline in 2018.

Concawe in its role as SIEF Formation Facilitator:

  • Has provided a SIEF communication tool.
  • Has collected relevant and reliable substance data from registrants and other data holders
  • Has initiated additional testing, i.e. testing that is required before registration
  • Has identified a Lead Registrant for each petroleum substance and sulphur (for most petroleum substances Concawe member companies have acted as Lead Registrants).

Should you intend to register a Petroleum Substance please send an e-mail to the Concawe e-mail address admin@super-sief.eu mentioning:

  • In the subject line: Request for link to the Web Ordering Tool
  • In the content section: Request receiving the link to your web ordering page clearly stating:
    • your Legal Entity Name as indicated in REACH IT
    • the UUID number of your Legal Entity in REACH-IT,
    • your e-mail contact,
    • the pre-registration number or inquiry (s),
    • the CAS number and EC numbers of the substance you intend to register,
    • the type of registration i.e. full substance or intermediate under strictly controlled conditions (REACH Arts. 17 & 18),
    • the tonnage band in tons per annum 1-10, 10-100, 100-1000 > 1000,
    • the registration deadline corresponding to the type of registration and tonnage band