Collaboration among registrants of petroleum substances

Concawe member companies decided to make best use of Concawe’s comprehensive Risk Assessment Programme for Petroleum Substances in the preparation of the joint parts of REACH Registration Dossiers. They therefore also agreed to fully collaborate in the registration process and to exploit the possibility of joint submission of joint parts of the Registration Dossier to the maximum possible under the REACH Regulation. This includes the preparation of Chemical Safety Reports.

The REACH Regulation foresees collaboration of all registrants of the same substance. As a minimum:

  1. (robust) study summaries, classification and labeling and testing proposals have to be submitted jointly through a Lead Registrant.
  2. certain substance data have to be shared among all registrants of the same substance.

REACH allows this collaboration to be extended. Concawe member companies have agreed to invite non-members to participate in the joint submission of the common parts of the Registration Dossier to the maximum possible extent under the REACH Regulation.

Concawe has therefore offered the joint parts of the Registration Dossiers, including the Chemical Safety Reports, under a suitable contractual framework, i.e. in the form of licence agreements, available for a certain fee. This licence fee represents, in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner, the contributions and investments by Concawe members in the development and implementation of the Risk Assessment Programme and subsequently the preparation of the joint parts of Registration Dossiers, and – where applicable – the cost of shared studies.

Such licences are also available to legal entities that have gone through an inquiry process in accordance with Art. 26 of the REACH Regulation or to legal entities that wish to use (to read across) data for a Petroleum Substance for their own substance. In both cases legal entities should establish a contact with Concawe by e-mail

See on the section on downloadable documents to find the Inventory of Petroleum Substances for which Concawe or Concawe in collaboration with the Lower Olefins/Aromatics Consortium has prepared the common parts of the Registration Dossiers. The substances are grouped by category. The inventory also includes Petroleum Substances which are or may be exempt from registration under REACH. Please see the notes within the inventory document for details.

Importers should consult the “Shortlist and Reference Matrix of import CAS / EC numbers” (see Section on downloadable documents).

All registrants will have to supplement their Registration Dossiers with their company specific data and Part A of the Chemical Safety Report.