Additives in preparations (crude oil, gas condensates, fuels/blending streams) imported into the EEA

Regarding the treatment under REACH of oil-field chemicals and additives that may be present in crude oils, natural gas condensates, and fuel/blending streams that are imported into the European Economic Area, Concawe member companies will apply the principles explained in the following three Concawe papers (see under ‘Documents to download):

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Condensates are exempted from the obligation to register in accordance with Article 2(7)(b) of REACH (Annex V). The first two papers discuss the nature (and likely concentrations) of any residual levels of oilfield chemicals and additives which are likely to be present in these substances, along with their status under REACH. The third paper addresses the presence of chemical constituents of additives in imported refinery streams and fuel products.

Recognising the practical difficulties of identifying these constituents in imported cargoes, a working group of Concawe member companies has prepared these three position papers in order to provide practicable guidance to member companies in addressing these challenges.

On 27 November 2008 Concawe provided the three above-mentioned papers to the ECHA for information. The response dated 18 December 2008 received by Concawe from Mr. G. Dancet, the Executive Director of ECHA is under documents to download).