The Sameness of Petroleum substances

Substance Identification Profiles (SIP) for Petroleum Substances have been developed to allow all registrants to ascertain substance sameness and fit within their related EC definitions.

SIP are based on results from standard analytical techniques collected from all registrants.

The SIP in 2017 Dossier Update are considered to be interim SIP (iSIP) and the values they contain should not be considered as strict cut-off values which substances beyond substance sameness cannot apply. The iSIP are indeed a support to substance sameness and are not intended to be used as a way to exclude some registered substances from the joint registration.

A new version of SIP will be issued with the 2018 dossier update. Registrants are kindly requested to check the SIP and provide Concawe any feedback they have regarding their own substance identity data against those reported in the SIP.