Facilitation of Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEFs)

Concawe has volunteered as the SIEF Formation Facilitator for Sulphur and for all petroleum substances that require registration. Concawe continues to act as facilitator in the “post-SIEF” period from 1 June 2018 for registrants of Petroleum Substances.

Concawe in its role as SIEF Formation Facilitator:

  • Has provided a SIEF communication tool.
  • Has collected relevant and reliable substance data from registrants and other data holders
  • Has initiated additional testing when necessary.
  • Has identified a Lead Registrant for each petroleum substance and sulphur (for most petroleum substances Concawe member companies have acted as Lead Registrants).

Should you intend to register a Petroleum Substance please send an e-mail to the Concawe e-mail address admin@super-sief.eu mentioning:

  • In the subject line: Request for SIEF Space user
  • In the content section: Request the creation of the SIEF Space user
    • your Legal Entity Name as indicated in REACH IT;
    • the UUID number of your Legal Entity in REACH-IT;
    • the e-mail address that will become the SIEF Space account user

The license that you will purchase provides you access to the data required for registration.

Please note, the purchase of the license from Concawe does not automatically result in a valid REACH registration. According to the REACH regulation, the owner of the license (the licensee) is required to register himself the substance(s) in the registration tool of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and pay the associated registration fee.