Collaboration among registrants of Petroleum Substances

Concawe member companies have agreed to fully collaborate in the registration process, to exploit the possibility of joint submission of joint parts of the Registration Dossier to the maximum possible and to invite non-members to participate in the joint submission of the common parts of the Registration Dossier.

Concawe has therefore offered the joint parts of the Registration Dossiers, including the Chemical Safety Reports, under a suitable contractual framework, i.e. in the form of licence agreements, available for a certain fee. This licence fee represents, in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner, the contributions and investments by Concawe members in the preparation of the joint parts of Registration Dossiers, and – where applicable – the cost of shared studies.

The Concawe Programme covers most, but not all Petroleum Substances listed in the Official Journal of the European Commission OJ L 84 of 5 April 1993. The list of registered petroleum substance can be found here.

Concawe has a formal role as the SIEF Formation Facilitator for all registered Petroleum Substances. The SIEFs allow for data generated for REACH (by Concawe or one or more of the registrants) to be shared amongst all registrants of the same substance, thus avoiding duplication of effort. The REACH regulation also allows to recover a fair share of the cost incurred in generating data for REACH from all registrants.

Concawe has prepared the joint parts of the Registration Dossiers for the following “categories of substances”:

  1. Low Boiling Point Naphthas (Gasolines)
  2. Kerosines
  3. Straight-run Gas Oils
  4. Cracked Gas Oils
  5. Vacuum Gas Oils, Hydrocracked Gas Oils& Distillate Fuels
  6. Other Gas Oils
  7. Heavy Fuel Oil Components
  8. Unrefined / Acid Treated Oils
  9. Other Lubricant Base Oils
  10. Highly Refined Base Oils
  11. Foots Oils
  12. Paraffin and Hydrocarbon Waxes
  13. Slack Wax
  14. Petrolatum
  15. Untreated Distillate Aromatic Extracts
  16. Treated Distillate Aromatic Extracts
  17. Residual Aromatic Extracts
  18. Bitumen

As well as the joint parts of the Registration Dossier for the following stand-alone substances:


  1. MK1 diesel fuel (EC number 931-250-7),
  2. Oxidised bitumen (EC number 265-196-4),
  3. Sulfur (EC number 231-722-6).