Fuel effects on the characteristics of particle emissions from advanced engines and vehicles

22 Jan 2005

To update understanding on emissions from road transport, CONCAWE iscontinuing to assess fuel effects on emissions from new engine/vehicle technologiesas they approach the market. In this work, two advanced light-duty diesel vehicles,two direct injection gasoline vehicles, and three heavy-duty diesel engines coveringEuro-3 to Euro-5 technologies were tested on a range of fuels.This report concentrates on the fuel and engine technology effects observed on arange of individual characteristics of the particulate emissions, measured as part ofCONCAWE’s contribution to the larger DG TREN ‘Particulates’ Consortium. Inaddition to regulated mass, the total number, surface area and size distribution ofthe particulate emissions have also been measured.Results for regulated emissions and fuel consumption for the diesel engines andvehicles are described in the companion CONCAWE report 2/05 [1].