Mineral oils are safe for human health?

18 Oct 2017

In the past months, several concerns regarding the presence of mineral oils in cosmetics and in food contact material were reported in various European media. Human health is legitimate concern and requires the highest attention to ensure it is not put at risk. Addressing the concerns related to the use of mineral oils is very important and will help clarifying information on a number of misunderstandings, incomplete data and in some cases misleading information.

Concawe, the refining industry’s scientific and technical body, has a long standing tradition of carrying out research on health, environmental and safety issues related to the industry operations, products and their uses. In order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of mineral oils, their characteristics, their uses, and how the refining industry ensures they are safe for human health, Concawe has produced a Q&A brochure aiming at answering all the questions consumers, reporters and members of the scientific community might have on mineral oils.

You can read the German version of this brochure here.