13th Concawe Symposium

The 13th Concawe Symposium will look at the long-term vision for the industry (2050) and how the transition to low-carbon liquid fuels could be managed.

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The brochure of the Cat-App Project 2018 Results is now available.

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Environmental Science for European Refining

Concawe was established in 1963 by a small group of leading oil companies to carry out research on environmental issues relevant to the oil industry. Its membership has broadened to include most oil companies operating in Europe.

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Conducting research to provide impartial scientific information…

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Understanding petroleum substances…

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Improving scientific understanding of the environmental health, safety and economic performance aspects of both petroleum refining and the distribution and sustainable use of refined products…

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Understanding petroleum substances

oncawe is committed to ensure the safe use of Petroleum Substances, and has therefore developed a unique expertise to better understand Petroleum Substances and provide assistance to industry in complying with REACH regulation.

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Latest Concawe Reports


Concawe Review 27.2

I am very pleased to introduce the three articles in this edition of the Concawe Review. The first two emanate from Concawe’s Low Carbon Pathways programme. The first article is a literature review...