Concawe 2nd Young Researcher Awards

23 February 2015 - 24 February 2015

Poster Competition

Following the success of the first competition in 2013, Concawe held the second Concawe Young Researcher Awards on the occasion of its 11th Symposium, which took place in Brussels on 23 & 24 February 2015.


This Young Researcher Awards represented a great opportunity for Concawe to recognise the value of research by young researchers that can contribute to the future sustainability of Europe’s oil refining industry. It also gave students, working towards their Ph.D, the chance to gain recognition for their research project, present it to a panel of scientists from the refining industry and related organisations, and benefit from the value of this recognition for their future career.


All abstracts were reviewed by a team of Concawe Member Company experts and judged on four criteria:

– (1) originality,
– (2) scientific merit,
– (3) technical soundness,
– (4) quality and clarity.

In addition, Symposium participants were given the chance to select best poster and then grant a special prize to the one getting most votes, through the so-called Participant Eye Award.



The outcome was very challenging and resulted in a narrow win both in the single categories and in terms of overall win. As regards the special prize subject to delegates’ vote, the “Participant Eye Award”, the decision and final outcome were clearer.
The awarded projects were:

  1. Winner “Fuels & emissions” category: “Pre-chamber ignition – A road towards high efficiency Natural Gas engines” by Ashish Shah – Lund University, Sweden
  2. Winner “Health” category: “Innovative in vitro strategies for neurotoxicity testing” by Jonathan Nicolas – Wageningen University
  3. Overall winner: “Pre-chamber ignition – A road towards high efficiency Natural Gas engines” by Ashish Shah – Lund University, Sweden
  4. Winner “Delegates special Award”: “Performance Indicators for Biofuel Performances in Engine Applications” by Barbara Graziano – RWTH Aachen University



You will find attached the 7 shortlisted posters by the Young Researchers who took part in Concawe 11th Symposium.