SYNCOM is a consulting firm with the focus on innovation management. Physicists, Chemists, Engineers and Business managers apply management expertise and know-how on implementation of administrative processes to research and development projects.

Founded in 1997 the firm employs 4 consultants with industry experience and is located in Ganderkesee, near to Bremen in northern Germany.

SYNCOM will contribute management and administrative support to the consortium as a whole and assists the coordinator in day to day management tasks of the project. Additionally, it will be responsible for the organisation and steering of the dissemination activities.

Klaus Lenz, PhD has been educated as a solid state physicist with a Ph.D. in surface science from the University of Bonn. He has been working in the management and administration of industrial R&D projects since 1988 and has gained comprehensive experience in project management of collaborative R&D projects over the last 25 years.